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Who I Was Staff Illustrator
What I Did Illustration
When I Did It July 2017 to Present

Since 2017, I've been a Staff Illustrator for The College Hill Independent (colloquially called "The Indy")—a Providence-based publication written, illustrated, designed, and edited by students from Brown and RISD. The paper is distributed around Providence’s East Side and Downtown, as well as online. In addition to publishing 20 pages of original writing, reporting, and art once a week, the Indy functions as an open workshop in which writers, artists, and designers collaborate and provide feedback on their work. Through an extensive editing process, we challenge each other to be responsible, intentional, and self-critical.

Members of the paper are committed to publishing politically engaged and accessible work. While the Indy is financed by Brown University, we hold ourselves accountable to our readers across the Providence community. The Indy strives to address systems of oppression by centering the voices, opinions, and efforts of marginalized people in Providence and beyond. Digital copies of each issue can be found here.

Editorial Illustrations

Creating compelling visuals from text and narratives.

As a Staff Illustrator, I was responsible for creating illustrations for at least four articles per semester, of which I could personally pick out within each week's pitch. Primarily using digital software, I created visuals for the following articles, to list a few:

Examples shown below are all drawn and illustrated by me, and published in weekly both in print and online.

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Being a Staff Illustrator on The Indy allowed me to hone my skills in condensing meaning into a visual narrative. Because the articles and topics were already chosen and written, I had to create illustrations that aided the existing work while simultaneously acting as its own agent, also speaking for itself.